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Secure Submission Form FAQ

Have some questions about submitting via the secure form? 

  • Of course! We just need to make sure the contact information you initially provide is valid in case we have questions or issues getting onto the WordPress and/or Host accounts.
  • The easiest way to see if a web page is secure is by seeing if there is a padlock symbol and/or the word "secure" on the address bar (different browsers show security differently).
  • No worries! Just fill out what you have and you can provide the rest of the information later. Please make sure to use a valid email.
  • Once you submit the secure form, you will receive a confirmation email with this Secure Link , which will allow you to send us the rest of the information at a later time.
  • We always create our own users so there are no password reset conflicts. 
  • Most definitely! You may either create a new account for us or you can provide us with your admin account details and we will create our own admin user on both WordPress and Host accounts.
  • Based on our history, we have been provided the owner's admin information and use it to create our own. 
  • The first thing that will be added is the "WPWS Connector", a plugin that is required to monitor your website.
  • Other plugins will be added based on the plan you requested (e.g. Free Training Videos, Security, Performance).
  • In order to ensure optimal support, the plugins we add will be locked/hidden so that no one will be able to modify the settings of your website service (you may see them in the "must-use" and "drop-ins" plugin areas) .

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